dHive has been offering architects and designers demountable environmental solutions for the commercial market for over 15 years.

Our challenge was to develop a different approach to the standard "unitized" system to offer added value to the end user. The result is a technology that brings unprecedented acoustic insulation, unlimited design options, lowers costs, and the ultimate in sustainability: reusability.



Our Solutions Just
Work Better.

Non-Unitized – A Smarter Wall System

Our non-unitized solution is built on site, installing the frame first followed by installing the limitless finishes. Say good-bye to unnecessary complications and costs.

Faster Installation - Lower Costs

The dHive concept allows installation 4 times faster than a drywall and faster than any other relocatable wall in the market. Uninstalling and relocating a dHive wall is twice as fast as other relocatable systems.

Our solutions also bring refit-ability – giving you the ability to drastically limit time and costs when the mood to change your office environment strikes.

Build better.
Live Better.

Buildings are responsible for 39% of CO2 emissions, 40% of energy consumption, 13% water consumption and building interiors account for 30% of office buildings' environmental footprint.

dHive's philosophy is to promote the emergence of a more innovative and sustainable interior space planning by providing new efficient solutions for office interiors.

This commitment is reflected in our R&D priorities and our most recent concept which is designed with three important objectives in mind:

Our desire to diminish our environmental footprint in interior constructions and renovations, deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients, and to improve the lifespan of relocatable walls; making it simple to refit and reuse.


Earn up to 19 LEED credits when using dHive wall solutions including credits 1.1-1.4 for "innovation in design".

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